Keynote Addresses

Covering current business environment focusing on “Navigating amidst Uncertainty”, “Establishing Leadership Credibility” and “Criticality of Simplification, Speed & Sustainability”.

Generally 60-90 minute engagements.


Topics generally covered are “Leadership Development”, “Sustaining Growth” and “Power of Empowerment”

Typically ½ day-2 day engagements.


Collaborate actively with leadership on critical organizational priorities. Committed availability on call and in person at reasonable notice and / or prior agreement.

Together, and in advance, we define specific objectives and expected, measurable and agreed outcomes. At the beginning, we shall develop elaborate action plan with interim milestones to achieve time bound results and periodically review for course correction, as and when necessary. We endeavour to help, guide and assist you achieve your goals faster and with least disruption by connecting and engaging with all stakeholders, internal as well as external, responsible for and contributing to the objectives of the project.

Terminate without assigning any reason the moment you feel the value you drive is not worth the investment.

Typically midterm but time limited engagements.

Organizational / Personal Executive Coaching

Defining the focus areas / subjects where intensity / change is desired and working together on a pre-agreed action plan. Our role is to amplify the needs and reasons on why should & how could you focus and achieve your objectives.

Typically annual & renewable engagements.

Romesh Sharma

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