Through Sustainability Practices, we aim to assist, guide and partner with our clients to
  • earn & maintain trust
  • think, act, behave and  lead in fair manner
  • establish, improve, innovate and propagate responsible corporate citizenship
Our definition for sustainability goes far beyond green. We believe that any business that is not sustainable is not worth pursuing AND every business can be made sustainable by tweaking theattitude of its stakeholders. Our experience confirms that ethical business practices, zero tolerance on integrity, co-creation or mutual prosperity and deep inspiration to establish a lasting legacy areessential ingredients for a sustainable business. We are convinced that time is now to evaluatesustainability beyond a social or environmental issue and capitalize it as a distinct competitive advantage.
In our pursuit to promote sustainability, we consider the following Critical Success Factors:
  • Excellence is timeless and numbers are just the reflections of performance.
  • Nothing is eternally best and even the best can be bettered.
  •  Present goals can be achieved without compromising on future aspirations.
  •  Continued focus on Innovation is key to sustainability and should be an ongoing process.

Romesh Sharma

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