Every Start Up is a dream; Not a dream that one sees while sleeping but the one that prevents one from sleeping and inspires to do more, create more, achieve more and enjoy more.
That “Start Ups” is THE buzz was confirmed, once again, by none other than Indian Prime Minister in his customary Independence Day speech when he highlighted the criticality of entrepreneurship by launching the campaign “Start Up Stand Up”. With our humble insight and limited might, we attempt to bring the perspective of alignment between ideas and implementation, concept and execution, growth and sustainability & problems and solutions.
We strongly encourage mid-term engagements (as against typical one off advisory roles) with all stakeholders, which, inter alia, include:
  • Bringing clarity to the business objectives
  • Managing sustainable growth
  • Creating a culture of urgency
  • Encouraging orderly chaos
  • Developing sensitivity towards simplification
With our diverse expertise, we attempt to pool the very best and make it available for those who need it most but cannot afford due to limited resources and reach. With a team of functional experts ranging from Tax to Legal to Commercial to Organization to Business Operations to Strategy, we provide what is needed, when, where & why and only as much as necessary. Utilizing latest techniques, technologies, tools and case studies, we equip entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to have an objective assessment on what is, what should be as well as what could be.

Romesh Sharma

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