Given that leaders have to continue to beat their own benchmarks and analysts' expectations, quarter after quarter, there is no known alternative to growth and in order to grow the business or entity, be it a corporate, social or public one, the leaders have to have a mindset for personal growth as well. They have to prepare during downtime (which incidentally are more frequent and prolonged) so as to reap during uptime, as and when these arrive and for howsoever short duration.

We believe that profitable and sustainable growth is achievable when personal and professional goals are aligned. Accordingly, our focus in developing Growth Mindset & Strategies remains on how to:

  • Balance Defence & Offence simultaneously.
  • Protect what you have and go for what you desire
  • Preserve the core while expanding new horizons
  • Identify Growth Areas - new markets, products / services, customers
  • Remain nimble and relevant with ever changing landscape
  • Expand the overall Value Preposition
  • Identify the opportunities and stay ahead of the curve
  • Institutionalise and perpetualise the growth
  • Maintain cultural distinctiveness
  • Avoid ethical pitfalls by focusing on long term, even at the cost of occasional short term

Romesh Sharma

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