Typical candidates are potential CEOs, heads of new business / territory and surprisingly quite a few contesting / elected leaders.

The entire coaching process focusses on helping unleash the hidden potential using modern as well as age old techniques that are relevant for specific candidate in a specific context (company, industry, geography, target areas etc.)

Prior to the beginning of any coaching assignment, we conduct a detailed and structured analysis of "As Is" and desired "To Be" state. This exercise help identify the gaps and highlights the key focus areas. As a coach, we provide a safe, conducive and friendly environment where not only the hidden fears and talents come out but also the obstacles and ways to overcome blind spots while capitalizing on the strengths in more focussed manner are chalked out together.

Our coaching modules are designed to help successful leaders become even more successful and lead their lives with less stress and more & sustainable and measurable outcomes.

Depending upon the current status and desired results, these assignments last between six and eighteen months during which the coachee is assessed, objectively and periodically, by his / her stakeholders to monitor not only the progress but also course correction, as needed.

Romesh Sharma

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